Suburban Estates Holopaw FL 34773

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Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida St Cloud

Florida Recreational Land

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida St Cloud

Recreation at its finest!

 Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida St Cloud

Wanted I will buy your Osceola County Lot , Land , Acre ,  Lots , Acres !


Call or Text 609-703-4567  or

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Suburban Estates is used for camping , hunting , and 4 x 4 wheeling , ATVing and target shooting.


Anyone need Recreational Fun Land to ATV ride or 4x4 on over 10,000 acres?

Trails , mud pits , streams and much more!


Land I Sell comes with a written 30 day Money Back Guarantee

I add no extra fees to purchase land! 


Keys are issued and registered to lots, you must buy a lot to get a key!


A lot gets you a deed to get access to a key(s) to the gate to get in and use 10,000 acres of recreational land.


Suburban Estates is about 10,000 acres of Vacant land with a Locked Gate entrance off Holopaw Groves Road.

Keys are issued to PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY.

One key per Owner per DEED/PARCEL NUMBER.


An owner can have anyone they want out there. 

However, you must be with an owner or own a key otherwise you can be prosecuted for trespassing.


This 1.25 acre lot can have Four names listed as owners.
Wet Lot For Sale SE0431-1  I have one key in stock now!
I will add one name to this property for $880 you get ONE gate key.
I call this a wet lot because it will get wet in the wet season, it may be dry in the dry season(winter)
Suburban Estates wet lot for sale

New Wild Hog Wet Lots For Sale
I have Deeded wet lots that are loaded with Wild Hog
I will add one name to this property for $850 so you can order ONE gate key.
Click on picture for details
Florida Recreational Land For Sale Suburban Estates Holopaw FL



Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida recreational land atv hunt mudding shooting range
Lots For Sale , make that camp you have been wanting!


Gun Range Road, Very Nice Dry 1.256 Acre Camp Lot

Lot 145, 3223-2M ....price $ Taking offers

Suburban Estates Holopaw FL Recreational land lot for sale



Very Nice Dry with Trees! 1.25 Lots

1.25 Acre Lot 263, 6122-0M with Warranty Deed....price $ Under Contract

1.25 Acre Lot 264, 6122-1M with Warranty Deed.....price $6,500.00

Click on picture for details

Suburban Estates Camp Lot Holopaw Florida for sale land



You can get up to 2 keys on each .625 acre lot if put in 2 names!

You can get up to 4 keys on each 1.25 acre lot if put in 4 names!


Dry Lot For Sale Below

3332-5D Dry Lot  .62 Acre parcel Warranty Deed, Buyer order key.

Price $ SOLD

The bottom lot does have a corner survey marker

Click on picture for details

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida recreation lots for sale


Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida recreational land atv hunt mudding shooting range

Recreational uses , you pick the lot you want.


Very Hard To Find Lots Up Front For Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

These lots were acquired with Warranty Deeds and they have good clear marketable titles.  Prices listed below.

Suburban Estates Lots up front for sale Holopaw

Lots are .31 acre, You can get one gate key, Great for your personal camp, Bus, truck, trailer and atv.

These are the only lots for sale close to the gate!

Lot 4424-H .....price $18,000.00

Lot 4424-1H .....price $18,000.00

Lot 4311-2H .....price $15,000.00

Lot 4311-4H .....price $15,000.00

Lot 4311-5H .....price $15,000.00

Lot 4311-6H .....price $12,000.00

Lot 4311-3H .....price $16,000.00

Lot 4311-7H .....price $17,000.00

Lot 4311-8H .....price $17,000.00

Lot 4311-9H .....price $17,000.00

Lot 4341-2H .....price $18,000.00

Lot 4341-8H .....price $18,000.00

Lot 4341-9H .....price $12,000.00

Lot 4341-10H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4341-4H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4341-14H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4341-5H .....price $17,500.00

Lot 4341-6H .....price $17,500.00

Lot 4341-7H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4341-3H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4341-11H .....price $19,500.00

Lot 4424-2H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4424-3H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4341-1H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4341-12H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4341-13H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4341-15H .....price $ SOLD!

Lot 4341-16H .....price $ SOLD!


Keys are issued and registered to lots, you must buy a lot to get a key!

Holopaw FL keys Suburban Estates lot key Land Lots


I will email you a contract, all I need are names and an address for ownership.


As soon as I get payment I will mail the Deed to County to Record, County will mail deed to buyer.




Holopaw New Years Day 2012 found on Youtube



Holipaw Helirun found on Youtube



Holopaw 2012 ATV muddy waters



Suburban Estates Gate

Suburban Estates Holopaw Gate

You need to be a land owner to get a key to the gate. 

Suburban Estates Holopaw



The gate is located at the end of Holopaw Groves Rd St. Cloud FL.


Security Notice Under Electronic Video Serveillance!!

Suburban Estates Holopaw Camera


Florida Forest Service

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Forest Service


Parking Lot after 30 plus days of rain

Suburban Estates Holopaw Parking Lot





South Trail Hill Road

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida South Trail


South Trail Hill Road

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida South Trail


South Trail Hill Road

Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida South Trail



I will email you a contract to sign stating seller will sell and buyer will buy.



Upon receipt of full payment I will complete the paperwork and send the Deed to County to record & return to buyer upon cleared funds.


I will give you the U.S. Postal tracking # so you can tract when I send the deed to to County.

Walking to your mailbox to pick up the deed is all you will have to do.



This property is listed for sale in other places and offers are being taken. 

If you are interested in any of them or require further assistance, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the land with you.


For More Info:  email: or email:


Contact me and I will get a contract ready for you to buy.


Call or Text Keith 609-703-4567


Local companies get free advertising:


Advertisers in the Saint Cloud , Harmony , Holopaw , Kissimmee , Melbourne area contact me for advertising!

Advertising is free if willing to exchange advertising.


Fill up at Wawa for Gas , Diesel & Hot or Cold Hoagies

Wawa Saint Cloud Florida


Hunters ! Campers ! Smokers Bbq ! Pit Party ! Airboaters ! Got Wood? Seasoned OAK Firewood ALREADY SPLIT, and ready to burn!

Firewood delivered to Suburban Estates Holopaw

True, Split OAK!  U pick Up: 20 Pieces = $10 40 Pieces = $20 60 Pieces  = $30 or 6' p/u truck = $65
DELIVERED & STACKED: 1/4 Cord = $75 = 32 cubic feet =*170-175 pieces (equal to 4' truck bed)
1/3 Cord = $100 = 43 cf = **220-240 pieces (more than 6' truck bed)
We DELIVER by trailer, STACKED to guarantee measurement for your money.
We will deliver to local Boat Landings, Camp Grounds, wherever needed, to get the party started!
DELIVERING to: Kissimmee , St. Cloud , S. Orlando , Lake Nona , Narcoossee , Harmony , Holopaw ,
Kenansville ,  W. Melbourne , Yes we will deliver to Suburban Estates
Located on Story Rd. St.Cloud, FL   Hours: 7 AM - 11 PM including DELIVERY 7 Days week
Call Jo-Jo @ 407-498-8374 or text

Above is local advertising:




 We own land in Suburban Estates

Properties are for sale by owner.  We are not a real estate agent. This does not constitute an offer where prohibited by law.

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